Terms and conditions

  • 1.     Cleaning service is carried out in the rooms and to the items which are included in the service only. Extra rooms or items will be charged separately.
  • 2.     The Client must state whether the property or the item requires deep cleaning. If in doubt the picture must be supplied.
  • 3.     We are not VAT registered.
  • 4.     We supply all necessary cleaning materials and equipment.
  • 5.     The client must provide access to the property, hot and cold water and electricity supply.
  • 6.     The payment must be made in full at the time of booking or on the day prior to the service commence.
  • 7.     Cancellation notice must be given 48 hours in advance.
  • 8.     The client must inspect the property or the item immediately after the cleaning service in the presence of the cleaner in case of any issue which could be resolved immediately if there are any.
  • 9.     No complains are accepted 24 hours after the service.
  • 10. All valuables must be kept and locked away.
  • 11. Please note not all stains can be removed completely.
  • 12. In case of using carpet/upholstery cleaning service appropriate heating and ventilation should be provided within next 4-8 hours.
  • 13. Cleaning service does not include rubbish disposing.
  • 14. Cleaning service does not include heavy furniture moving.
  • 15. Blinds and curtains cleaning are excluded from the service.
  • 16. Please note the minimum order is £80.

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